Quilt Gallery
Last updated 24 October 2017
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These quilts are works of art that have taken me many hours, sometimes many months of work, to create.  Each is custom made and unique, and are hard for me to part with, but I need the wall space (for more quilts!) and the money to keep me in stitching.  So I'm putting some of them up for sale.  Scroll over the quilt picture or click on the quilt to see title, size, and price.  After you select your favorite quilt(s), contact me if you are interested and want additional photos and/or to arrange purchase.  Shipping is included in price.  Once purchased, we will ship you your quilt(s) (carefully packed) or you can pick them up in person in Ashburn, Virginia.  Each quilt comes with care instructions and directions for hanging them.  We arrange payments through Paypal and are willing to discuss a layaway plan, if needed.   
Please contact me at BettyJo@bjfabricartist.com if you are interested.  

Move mouse over quilt to see title, size, and price
Ancient Manuscript Series.  These quilts are inspired by pages from ancient illuminated manuscripts from the 11th through the 16th centuries.  They are off center and the borders are derived from borders or elements of borders of illuminated manuscripts.  The words are those found in old manuscripts related to the subject of the individual quilts.   They are designed either by Betty Jo herself or her oldest son Ken.  These quilts require many months to create and employ multiple techniques.
Hoffman Challenge Series:  NEW YEAR's SALE:  All Hoffman Challenge quilts reduced.  These quilts were designed entirely by Betty Jo using the focus fabrics for the year.
Deep Space Series:  These quilts are inspired by the magnificent photos that are copyright free of deep space found on NASA.  These are generally whole cloth quilts on cotton background usually with some light painting and Angelina Fibers to represent the gas clouds found there,  covered by black veiling and quilted.  In some cases, there is thread painting to represent the dust and some pictographs on some quilts.  Take a look on NASA  website and see the kinds of photos that inspire these quilts. 
Landscape Quilts:  These quilts are intended to show outdoor scenes, frequently with historic significance or designed to tug on the heart strings, or both. They almost all involve multiple techniques of paint, appliqué, piecing, thread painting, heavy quilting, and trapunto.  In some cases, even digitally painted and then printed on fabrics is involved.  These quilts often require many months to create.
Additional Styles:  I consider myself an experimental fabric artist and have several additional style art quilts that may eventually become a full series, or the series that is developing art quilts around interesting printed panels that may be a vintage piece or one I digitally paint and have printed, or one that I find in available commercial fabrics.  Some of these panels are really spectacular and should be used for wall art.  Then there are quilts that I just wanted to make but don't fit into a series.  This category is for those quilts.